Correct tracking anb booties technique

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I am wondering about a proper technique to utilize my booties in tracking.

I already get the "track hard" part so make my body stiff and really plank it out, so no problems there. A lot of videos I see it seems to me (or at least it looks like) that people just track away without really doing anything with their booties.

I would think that turning your feet outwards and exposing booties surface area to the relative wind and pointing your toes out (as they should be the whole jump) would assist in achieving a better track?
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a well performed track is a result of the body-position in general, not neccessarily adding bootie surface.
show perfect execution.

To your thoughts of adding surface:
the performance comes from the de-arching and catching air at your legs while the whole body is in the shape for sliding forward and falling slower.
pointing the toes outward will not push you further, but make it more difficult to de-arch.
try it on the ground.
lay flat on the packing mat and try to press your shoulders towards the ground, then lift your lower back with toes pointed straight and then try it with pointed outwards.
feel the difference ....

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