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Hey everyone,

I have recently downsized to a Katana 107, loading it approx 1.89. I realize I am only starting to learn how to swoop in a fairly serious capacity. I was on a Stiletto 120 for the last +\-350 jumps and feel good under that canopy.

That's the background rumble, so I am trying to decide between a cypress or a cypress speed. I understand the regular cypress activates at 78mph and the speed at 96mph and turns off at 330 ft.

My questions are:

1- Will I even be accelerating to these speeds under my current canopy if I am performing 270's from around 700ft?

2- What canopy would be required to reach these speeds when performing 270's? (Approx 190lb with gear). Also taking into notice that the next logical step is a cross braced canopy (I assume this makes a difference).

Our season is over here, otherwise I would take a speed tracking device with me.

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Simple answer - get the multi-mode and change it to the mode appropriate for your measured speeds (e.g., "normal" 78 MPH mode when you're starting out on a larger wing, then "speed" mode when you're on more aggressive wings doing more aggressive turns, then "off"/"removed" mode when you're on a competition-class wing).

Get some form of instrumentation (Flysight, or somesuch) so that you know when you get to the point of "tickling" the unit. It may happen sooner than you think if you're not careful. A jumper in Colorado popped a Vigil while jumping a VK96 at a little over 2:1.

Be careful out there.

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Jumped a 107 Katana with a wl of 2.15
270s from 950 ft, wasn't enough to trigger my expert cypres but on good runs I came relatively close (within 10 km/h).
For 450s I didn't bother turning it on as those were hopnpops only.
Might have fired, might not have...

Changed to the speed version when I got my first Velo.

Keep in mind a Speed Cypres is not suitable for wingsuit flights or even tracking suits.

if you're 190 out the door your wl on the 107 is around 1,77.
the 1.89 figure is with lead?

the katana is a blast and a swoop monster in the right hands, have fun with yours and don't hook low =)

To absent friends

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