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  1. Pobrause

    Comp Velo v Valkyrie

    Harness sensitivity and openings, little better slow flight capabilities but really not that much I haven‘t flown either VCs or Valks loaded that low, though. The biggest difference between them for me is that the Valk handles higher loadings better than the VC and of course the openings.
  2. A lot of people on here have a military background and static line experience under rounds. Sadly beside the general mindset and determination those skills beside a proper plf aren‘t worth much in a normal skydiving environment. Even civilian static line training is completely different from equipment to exit and canopy/ landing. So coming to a dz with your military static line certificate won‘t get you anywhere near a plane door to jump out of. The T11 is probably the slowest falling semiround you could jump, with a descent rate of 3-5m/s. I highly encourage you to visit Germany and jump one of our T10 rounds. You will think quite differently about your „hard“ landings under the T11 afterwards :) Go get yourself on a military FF program. It‘s worth it!
  3. Pobrause

    G3 mouth piece and grellfab

    I‘ve been using my G3 without the mouth piece from day one. You might experience more fogging when exhaling through your mouth in colder temperatures but other than that no difference for me. What I did notice with the liner is that it settles after a few month of use at at least half a size bigger. I don‘t like neither the chin mount on the G3 nor the one on the Aero. A light unintentional bump of a fellows foot during exit and you can count yourself lucky if it‘s still there.
  4. Pobrause

    Q for Accuracy Jumpers

    *Slow clap* So you successfully redirected him to his own thread.
  5. Pobrause

    Vertical Videos

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt9zSfinwFA#fauxfullscreen Say NO! to vertical videos.
  6. Spain? You do know their tech comes from NZ, right. Nope. The two companies parted ways a while ago and the S-Fire and X-Fire canopies are their own babies.
  7. Pobrause

    Fluidwings Gangster

    The gangster packs exactly as big as any new wing would with partly xbraced internals. Nothing new about them adding to the pack volume since the Excalibur. Please make informed decisions, not vague guesses.
  8. Another anecdotal experience: 3 grommets, Semistowless DBag, large rubbers, Double wrapping, lines are HMAs 400 I need to replace one rubberband in about 20-30 jumps
  9. Pobrause

    Katana's dont kill people...

    The Sabre2 is a very common recommendation for that job. So people are expected to go from a Saber2 to a crossbrace? As I mentioned, Stiletto. First I thought you were trolling but you seem to be serious about your Stiletto swoops... other than extremely low hooks and toggle monkeying combined with an instant recovery, what exactly do you think makes a stiletto a reasonable canopy choice for a pilot trying to get into HP- landings?
  10. Pobrause

    Chin mount on Skyhelmet Fujin

    Skysystems, Not Skyhelmets
  11. Not exactly true. No necessary and/ or life preserving treatment is going to be denied, ever. If you’re not insured you will receive a bill, same as in the US.
  12. Pobrause

    Cookie G4

    I for one have a few „real“ expectations for an upcoming G4: Redesign of the closing mechanism so it stays shut even at higher speeds. My properly adjusted G3 visor with new rubber bands keeps popping open during Speed skydives, faster than normal traces ect. Part of it might be the cheap shell, that deforms very easily Better ventilation/ air channeling around the mouth area so it doesn‘t fog up all the time during the colder seasons. Maybe better anti fog coating as well Better integrated dytter holder. Thicker foam with more adjustment possibilities like on some bonehead helmets. If this comes with more impact protection even better. Better quality foam, that doesn‘t make the helmet a whole size bigger after a few month of use. And maybe, just maybe a more realistic pricing policy. Here in Germany we pay close to 400€ for those leaky cold punch buckets, ~$480
  13. Pobrause

    X-Fire questions

    You‘re the first person I’ve ever met that complains about his HP- canopy because it swoops too far. *chuckle* On a more serious note: you can shorten and lengthen the required landing space with the proper techniques by miles. With a new canopy over your head you might be due for a canopy controll course anyway. Openings on the x-fire are certainly more demanding although the videos I’ seen so far from early bird buyers don’t make them seem complicated to deal with at all. Relax, feel the canopy with your butt, don’t look, don’t grab, hands loosely on the lower inside of your risers and watch the horizon. Easier said than done but, if you just start to care A LITTLE about your openings, definitely manageable. It actually doesn’t really matter if you’re in a track or not as long as you lay flat on the wind, not flat relative to the earth. You definitely should be symmetrical in you body axes to load your risers up evenly when you’re stood up during the snivel but that is something one learns somewhere between jump one and twentyfive so I assume you’ve got that down by now Openings are an active part of canopy flight, not a passive one. Act like the canopy you own. You sound like you adopted a few unhealthy habits under your Crossfire2. If you don’t get rid of them they will lead to problems on any of the available HP-canopies that are further down your path, xbraced or not. Whether or not your packing is relevant or responsible for the twists is dependent on the time, the twist occurs during the opening. If it comes out twisted then yes, if it occurs sometime during the snivel, then no. Line length is dependent on the particular airfoil design. Longer lines on smaller canopies mostly mean a longer recovery, though. For more specific answers you might want to contact Icarus World directly. Canopy choice for a particular jump depends on the circumstances. If I get out my Velo, Petra or Spectre depends on the anticipated landing area. But I can sure you that wherever you managed to land with your CF2 you will be easily able to land your x-fire, IF you learn your new wing properly...
  14. Pobrause

    Descendent with jumpers

    Speeds that high (expert setting) so close to the ground would definitely make me question my decision to stay within the AC. What I was refering to as "DZ.com nonsense" was the unspecific, generic answer to a rather precise question. Especially the different student settings, wingsuitmode or the intermediate of the M2 aren't that hard to reach in a descending plane and should be well known at least by the people jumping them/monitoring them (teachers) I hope, it didn't come across as an insult.