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A new canopy piloting league is starting up in the Northeast this season. Dates are

This is their facebook page

This is their website

Hope to see every come out and support this league.
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Super happy for the league up there. Hope its a great season for you guys. I know Brad has been very involved in the CA league and his passion for canopy piloting is clear.

He's going to need lots of support - not just canopy pilots, but judging, course setups, materials, logistics, etc. etc.

Hopefully I can make a few and support this new league. Good luck guys!
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I'll be coming up for the first meet of the season to train new judges in that region. If anyone up there has been interested in CP judging but hasn't been able to come down south to learn, contact me! We'd love to get you involved!! My email is jo@flight-1.com.

Blue skies!

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