Texas Swoopers Meet 2 results

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We just completed Meet 2 in the Texas Swoopers 2010 season. Here are the results:


Meet 3 is at SD Houston July 10-11 and Meet 4 (final 2010 meet) is August 7-8 at SD Spaceland. Meet 4 is also the nationals warm up meet, on the same pond with the same courses you'll see at nationals.


Meet 2 is in the bag. The wind conditions were tough, but the SD Spaceland swoop pond is still incredible.

Overall Results:
1. Boston (Jon Hartley) 438.06
2. Roo (Alex Kaiserman) 334.59
3. Daniel Carroll 272.62
4. Rob Wallace 266.06
5. AggieDave 188.38
6. Cory Kossan 56.56
7. JP Furnari(had to bow out after the first round due to being sick)

1. Boston
2. Roo
3. Rob

Zone Acc:
1. Boston
2. Daniel
3. Rob

1. Roo
2. Boston
3. Rob

What really impressed me at this meet was how the canopy piloting competitions have evolved over the last 6 years in Texas. This was one of the first meets where not only did no one chow hard into the pond, no on even gave us a "holy crap" moment.

This was also Rob's FIRST time to compete. He was rocking a 180 approach and showing how it doesn't matter if you can go 400ft at 100mph, if you vert the gates, you won't score. He consistently hit the gates every time.

Thank you to our head judge Haylee Carroll, since it wouldn't happen with out her. Thank you to all the people that also came and assisted (Gary, I'm talking to you!).

--"When I die, may I be surrounded by scattered chrome and burning gasoline."

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