PST is dead, Uncle Pete. I am setting my Pro card on fire in Atlanta this weekend

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Not really interested in you laying it out for me. I think you can get a point across without personal attacks.

I actually agree with allot of what you have to say on these forums in general.........But I don't endorse the comments in this thread.


But please try to understand that i am not bitching about Slaton - those who know me and heard me speak about the PST and CPC and canopy piloting know that I have utmost respect for Jim Slaton's organizational abilities, his efforts to promote canopy piloting and achievements in the sport.

I am also not complaining about PST/CPC fees and costs, trust me - i flew for 5 FL CPC comps last year from NY and to the finals to Colorado. Each comp cost me a LOT of money and i never regretted spending it.

However, as a competing pilot, someone who went through the ranks to earn the right to compete at the Pro level with the best pilots in the world i do feel that the value of that effort was cheapened by the way he decided to go out with this final PST event. I think quite a few people on the circuit share my opinion to a degree.

And as someone who has done it, who did invest a lot of his own money and did try to organize things and to promote canopy piloting (to briefly answer some of your questions), who has earned that right to compete at the PST i feel that i am entitled to have an educated and respected opinion. You may not agree with it - but nonetheless - it's a valid one.

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I have had many interactions with lord slaton and I don't think your getting everyone's point. The fact is he is basically saying "fuck you" to all the pros that went through cpc and earned their way to the pst. NOW, he is making a mockery, IMO, of everthing.

As Mike posted already, he spent thousands to compete to now learn that if he waited a year then he wouldn't have had to do that.

The CPC and PST are not jim's babies. Yes, he was a part of starting and continuing the pro comp. circuit. But Chris and Justin were the ones who started CPC. Jim and LYLE started PST. jim was the one who tied CPC & PST together. Before you make a statement, I would make sure my facts are straight.

People are bitching because they feel cheated. My boyfriend use to compete in the PST and I can tell you that I feel cheated and I don't even compete! I know how much money we have spent flying to comp., paying the entry fees, boarding, etc. and I can't believe he would do something like this to the pros who have followed all of his rules and busted their butts to become pros.

As to organizing and spending your own money on comp. etc. Yes, I have low jump numbers but I have helped my boyfriend setting up canopy courses, ground launching camps, etc. and I can tell you one thing, it is a lot of work and money. But if you can get someone else to foot the bill (like in jim's case, do you really think jim bought all that crap for team x, with his money?? Hell No he got investors)

No one is taking away what lord slaton has done for swooping.


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I certainly understand where you are coming from. It is a disappointment when you work hard and pay your dues, to be let down in the end.

I'm just saying not only to you but to others......That folks can communicate their points more constructively. Like your last repsonse to me. That was perfect.......You put out there how you feel and why it impacts you. Without slamming anyone. I respect that.

I think if folks don't like the way Slaton is putting together the last PST Event you should PM him or Reach out to him on his Website / Forumns, and let him know that you feel slighted. I don't think trashing him in a public forumn is going to make him want to do things differently. I think he would respect the fact that folks still need to earn their way to the final Event, and chance to get a Pro Card.

I also think folks should pick up PST and keep it going so that all your hard work is not for nothing. You all worked hard to get a Pro Ticket. Take Over and implement the changes you feel will benefit the events going fwd.

It seems such a waste to just let it dissapear.

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This is just freaking hillarious man! look what happens... I walk away from the sport for awhile and swooping goes to shit. Maybe I should NOT have retired the loudener (the illustrious megaphone that caused all that trouble in Colorado)!

Jim NEVER sent me any pro card or even announced me as a pro at the award ceremony for the last PST last year.

I personally am tired of giving my money to that man. Like it was said earlier "Cocain is a hell of a drug" but I guess that is not the point of this thread, I digress...

I guess it all comes down to economics. Look at the participation level. There were only about 30 or so competitors at each event last year. If he opens it up then he might get more people to show up. I know Frank from MH puts a lot of money into those events, and I bet he is not getting enough return.

All in all there are probably less truely qualified pilots willing to compete each year so I bet Jim is trying to open it up to new blood. This will in my opinion open up the carnage gates by allowing people who are marginally experienced to compete. I hope there are not to many new injuries or fatalities in swooping because of competition.

Additionally it looks like the CPC has been marginalized because of the relaxation of the PST qualifications. The CPC had the potential of being something really cool, but it's creator has ruined it.

True Jim has done a lot for the sport but I think he has also done a lot for himself. Look at how he talks up team extreme and look at what Nick and Jess and Kevin put up with last year. With all of their "Corporate Sponsors" you would think that they would have not had to crash out at the pond every night for living quarters. With all of the "Corporate Sponsors" you would think that Jim would have had a better van to shuttles his team around in compared to the POS with "world stunt team" stencilled on the side. Look at the sales of JVX's. When I bought mine back in teh day you had to send Lord Slaton a certified check or money order for 35% of the cost of the canopy ($3,000) made out to him. Then you could pay for the rest of the canopy with a credit card. Most dealership pricing is 35% off of canopies. Hmmm I wonder where my money went? We all have our theories and I have mine. Rick James can pretty much sum it up and it isn't "Fuck yo couch Charlie Murphy..."

I'm going back to my life now and Im not going to waste any more of my time by talking about our good "fiend" Lord Slaton. Make up your own mind about this man and don't believe his hype... C-Ya

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:D i probably spent about 7 grand on CPC comps last year. Absolutely no regrets from me... but i think he probably would have sold me a Pro card for two geez. Home delivery, FedEx next day air. For four geez he'd probably throw in a free JVX. :ph34r: But instead of JVX/Icarus logos - i'd insist on a "i'm a sucker" across the bottom skin. In Gothic letters, black on white... i like!

P.S. please bring the loudener to the Nats

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Well... nah it's easier to bitch about it :PB|

Lets consider this: There is also no intermediate or CPC equivalent elsewhere in the world - all other countries compete on 5 foot gates as per IPC rules. So the US Nats may go away with 10 foot gates/intermediate class too. Now that there is no more Pro Swoop Tour - CPC is dead too, along with it. So all the Ams can now compete with Pros.

There is an event or a series of events that have enough good pilots to give any PST/EST event a run for their money. FLCPA. 31 pilots last weekend, 16 Pros. Not a lot of prize money though. Yet.

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