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  1. Dave, If you want help, I can. I don't know really what I could do besides judge, but I am always up for helping swoop comps. Spaceland has been my new home DZ, your going to LOVE the pond!!! Tiffany
  2. what the hell??? how did our post get so far down on the board???? bum bum baby!!!!!!!!!
  3. I guess depends on whether you go to the DZ to skydive or drink beer. What if I go to the DZ to skydive THEN drink when I am done skydiving? Are you trying to say that people don't hang around SDS after jumping and "bond" over who did the stupidest thing that day?? or any for that matter? That is usually how we find out the dirty little secrets
  4. My boyfriend, Kevin Love, and I are moving to Houston and need to find a new home DZ. We both LOVE our home DZ now, which is the Farm, Hans you rock!!!! Anyway, Kevin is an AFF, video, and canopy coach. He needs a pond to swoop and people to teach/coach. I just need a DZ that flies 7 days a week. I know there are several DZs around Houston but which ones are tandem factories and which ones are freefly friendly. OH... I want a DZ that has freeflyers. Can't wait to meet more jumpers!!!!!!!!
  5. a 300 ft tape costs $36, 2 hop and pops cost $30, but it isn't worth anything if you don't use it and I KNOW Hans needs it to measure his LLLLOOONNNGGG distance and lightening speed rounds because he is going to smoke everyone at worlds....just trying to do my part.
  6. I will trade you the tape for 2 hop and Ian- shut your pie hole
  7. all I know is THAT WAS MY 300 FOOT TAPE THAT GOT RUINED!!! WHO IS PAYING FOR MY JUMP?????????????? Kevin and I will both be there...... it is our last weekend until we move to Houston. Lets make it a BIG party!!!! But now that Ian and Annie will be there, we can't do the thing we always do.... you know......
  8. just take a look at the incidents forum for the last 2 months, Germany pops up a lot
  9. Never mind..... I just realized something (the high rate of fatalities in Germany) and thought that as a skydiver that there might be a way we, as skydivers, can help each other out. I don't know anything about jumping in Germany but it seems to me that there are a lot of injuries and fatalities there and as a FELLOW skydiver, who cares about other skydivers AND how the sport is seen as a whole by wuffos, I thought there might be a few other people out there like me....
  10. I mean "WE" as in skydivers. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't a fatality in skydiving, regardless where it is, impact the public's view on skydiving?
  11. that Germany has had an unusually high fatality rate this year?? why is that? It seems like every few weeks I read about something happening there. Anyone have any insight? New DZ, New students, not enough training, lack of qualified training.....???????? What are your thought?? Is there something WE as skydiver can do?
  12. Thanks to Nancy Reagan, we are throwing BAD pot smokers in jail where they belong and allowing rapists, thieves, and REAL criminals out to roam because there are so many pot smokers etc. The slogan should be "Just say no to drugs" and it will cost taxpayers billions!
  13. OMG!!! that was the funnest thing I have seen in a while!!!! Thanks for the laugh I had tears coming down!!! PS. Does Chuck know he is on the website??