Dolphin Container question

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Sorry I lost the personal e-mail you sent me.
Sorry, but I cannot remember where the data panel is on a Dolphin.
When you cannot remember where to find the data panel, here is a search pattern
Start by looking near the reserve pin. Often the data panel and packing data card are shoved high up under the pin protector flap (i.e. Javelin, early Vector and early Talon).
The second place to look is on the back pad, near the base of your neck (i.e. Sidewinder).
Some rigs hide info in the center of the back pad (i.e. Flexon, Voodoo and Centarus Delta).
Thirdly, some rigs stow data on the back side of the shoulder pad, below the 3-ring, .. Vector III and early Mirage)
Finally, some manufacturers sew data panels to reserve risers (i.e. Talon, Vector).
An old method is to sewn the data panel onto the horizontal back strap (ie. Strong Tandem Student Harness and old military harnesses.
Good luck in your data panel search.

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