Have hooded sweatshirts ever caused a malfunction or incident?

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please tell us how many craters have been caused in all that time on account of people wearing hoodies.

"It's never happened before that we know of, therefore nothing can possibly go wrong and it's perfectly safe."

And this logic comes from a college professor? Do you teach your engineering students this kind of mindset?

1. Strawman.

2. Your argument (I won't grace it with the description "logic") can apply to absolutely anything at all that has never caused a problem. So where will you stop? Underpants? Bras?

3. FACT IS, with all the things to worry about that have caused problems in the past, you are getting hysterical about an item that has no record at all of ever having caused a problem.

The only sure way to survive a canopy collision is not to have one.

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