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I tried to search the skydiver database to find people who jump small Velocities, so I made a search with attributes: Main = Velocity, Sort Order = Ascending, Sort = Mainsize and received following error:
Error Message : Unable to query database. Reason: parse error near 'ascend
LIMIT 0, 15
' at line 5. Query:
SELECT ID,FirstName,LastName,NickName,Region,Country,Address,City,State,ZIPcode,Phone,Fax,Email,ICQ,Website,URL,Dropzone,License,Number,Jumps,SL,AFF,IAD,Tandem,Pro,Org,Back,Chest,Seat,Lap,Rig,Main,Mainsize,Res,Ressize,AAD,Rigother,Mainother,Resother,AADother,Firstchoice,Secondchoice,Photo,Date,Userid,Modified,Category FROM Skydivers
Main LIKE '%Velocity%'
ORDER BY 32 ascend
LIMIT 0, 15

Script Location : /usr/local/etc/httpd/cgi-bin/skydivers/db.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00503
Setup File : db.cfg
User ID : 5bf897704511d70c

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