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"Something to keep in mind is that AODA counseling/treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous are two completely different things.

One is a medical/psychiatric procedure. It follows protocols, is administered by professionals, costs significant amounts of money (usually covered by health insurance).

I know this is a limited view from one person only, but I've seen a lot of people get clean and stay that way with AA. I've also known a lot of people who went the second route. Working at a state university the costs were covered and it was easy to use.
I've yet to meet one person who got better through these programs. It was nothing more than a revolving door.

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Even professional counselors at treatment centers will admit that the treatment will get someone clean, but will not keep them clean.

Alcoholism/addiction is far to involved and complex of a situation to be "fixed" by a short term hospital stay.

The alcoholic/addict needs continued support to stay clean. Continued, long term treatment (often called "aftercare") is one way. AA (or other 12 step programs) is another. There are others.
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Most pilots and more tandem instructors do not know the FAA requirements for reporting DUI/ DWI/ drug related action, they must be reported within 60 days to;

Federal Aviation Administration
Security and Investigations Division (AMC-700)
P.O. Box 25810
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Failure to do this may result in suspension or revocation of the medical. You can't wait until your next medical to notify the FAA. In addition, if you ever held a an FAA medical in the past and it expired long ago, you still have to notify the FAA within 60 days of an action if you ever plan to get a medical in the future. The FAA keeps records for a long time and may deny your future medical. See the links below for more information and an example of the letter required.



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