Pyramid of Disaster

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I need some help. A part of the BPA Advanced Instructor Course is a specialist lecture.

I have been thinking of detailing case studies where injuries/incidents have occurred and what could have been done to avoid them, i.e. breaking the chain.

There are 4 degree's of injury, slight (no hospital), medium (hospital and less than 3 weeks off work), serious (hospital and off for greater than 3 weeks) and fatal.

I am looking for examples of each, where intervention, once or at various stages would have prevented the injury.

If there are pictures, video or any other media that would be appreciated.

I am trawling through the incidents thread here but would like first hand examples which I can use to illustrate the point that part of being an Instructor/jumper is the "breaking the chain" in the "pyramid of disaster"

If you are not comfortable posting here then feel free to PM me.

Journey not destination.....

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When I was the Safety and Training Adviser at The Ranch (New York) I gave that lecture a few times, and prepared a posting for the S&TA part of our web site. Those written posts became my "seminar in a box" outline so I could deliver the content of a variety of topics easily when we hit weather holds, or when jumpers were looking for safety discussions.

I gave up the S&TA position a few years ago, but the posts are still available at: http://theblueskyranch.com/STA.php. The one you are looking for is called "Article 17, A Safety Culture." It doesn't use actual incidents as examples, but rather focuses on a hypothetical where the elements are more obvious. I could then relate the material to specific accidents I had investigated on the DZ.
Tom Buchanan
Instructor Emeritus
Comm Pilot MSEL,G
Author: JUMP! Skydiving Made Fun and Easy

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By the time three changes have been made to the dive plan, you are asking for trouble.

That is why (when wearing my Tandem Examiner hat) if a Tandem Instructor candidate makes three changes to the dive plan (deviates from procedures recommended by Strong Enterprises), he fails the evaluation dive!

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