Old parachuting articles online - starting a list

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Some old parachuting articles are to be found online, such as through Google Books.

Google Books has FULL issues of LIFE, Popular Science, and Popular Mechanics, for example, that have parachuting articles.

I won't put in URLs, just the magazine & date, as one can easily finish the search oneself.

Indeed, maybe this thread won't go anywhere, as one can just do the searches oneself. But it gives the idea some publicity and might get people to find a few interesting gems of articles.

Hope someone likes this; it sure looks like a new time waster for me!

All this initial list are from Google Books:

LIFE magazine March 22, 1937
cover and page 28+
article on Irving Air Chute company with many photos

LIFE Aug 10, 1959
"Falls for Fun" -- a couple page article on Sport Parachuting

LIFE Oct 20, 1961
"Leap Onto the Alps" Three French jumpers land on Mont Blanc. Short article and a few pics scattered on pages near p 78

LIFE Nov 10, 1941
"Parachutist Dives Record 29,300 Feet"

Popular Science Apr 1928
"Hurtling through Space in a Parachute"
Not about the stratosphere, but about long delays and military parachutes in general.

Popular Science Jan 1920
"Stepping off into Space" by Major Orde Lees
3 pages early in the magazine (no page numbers displayed)

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Not one article but an entire book of 'articles'

Best for the newbies to read to get an idea of the middle old times.;)


The complete United We Fall by Pat Works.

Hey, I'm in that book! See chapter 5 heading:Pre-Stars? "Hey Man, You're Late..."

Made a lot of jumps with my friend Roger Nelson. Never knew we were making history at the same time...

Roger "Ramjet" Clark
FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519

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