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I've been spending time while off for Christmas / New Year's scanning in A LOT of old Cal City East / West and Apple Valley Skydive photos. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with them all. I'd like to post them somewhere or do a web-site or blog to share them so folks can see them and maybe reconnect, but in the mean time, here's a few from Cal City... so old that color photography hadn't yet been invented... :P Enjoy.

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Found this old (not mine) video from Cal City on YouTube. The person that posted it says it was shot circa 1993.


Anyone else spot riggerrob or Mr. Bunny in the video?

93 was around the time I started, but I don't remember the King Air or Sky Van (Casa? or was it the Scare-a-boo?) at Cal City around that time although a King Air and some sort of tail-gate appears in this video... along with N121PM and what looks to be N3927G?

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I was listening to the Mark and Brian show this morning before work and Brian was still talking about skydiving out at Cal City, drinking beers afterwards and going out into the desert to shoot guns... B|

Geeze, its been what? 20ish years since the Above and Below Show?


1990 or 1991.

My idea of a fair fight is clubbing baby seals

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Bored... obsessed... well, yeah... what ever...

Anyway, was having some fun with Google Earth and going through what historical imagery I could find there.

Attached are some aerial photos of Cal City courtesy of Google Earth circa 1994, a couple from 2004, 2006 and 2008.

I'm not 100% sure if I buy the "imagery date" associated with each.

27 May 1994 was a Friday, it was the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend that year, but still seems a lot of cars in the parking lot. No jumps in my log book as this was during a brief hiatus for me between starting and finishing student status. Maybe someone else will happen by and check this date in their log book.

16 February 2004 was a Monday, President's Day. I would have been off of work that day, but couldn't find a jump in my log book for that day. :(

31 December 2004 was a Friday, New Year's Eve, but I couldn't find any jumps logged that day either. :(

29 April 2006 was a Saturday and I do have 6 jumps logged that day at Cal City. :)
The last pic, from 31 March 2008 was about 4 months after the DZ closed up. :(

Anyway, reportedly the city has rented the ol' skydiving hangar to a company that overhauls Gulfstreams. Last time I happened by the place, it looked like there was some activity; flags on the flag poles, a new gate across where one would drive onto the ramp and a dumpster outside like trash service was resumed or remodeling was underway inside. If so, hope the business works out well. Its been a shame seeing the place sitting empty.

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