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  1. Looks like a CRW rig for somebody with no friends.
  2. And That's why I jumped! Thanks Pat Any suggestions for new students? Have you jumped into the arms of earth-pushed air and snuggled there, lazy, letting the fall just happen? Most “make” a skydive. Can you simply “take” one? Relaxed in mind and body, give yourself over to wind and gravity? Relax totally into the air. Let the wind cradle you. Letting the wind give you a position is to accept a gift. Allow the wind to configure you into your natural shape. Drift along on the arms of the wind so that intensity used to control flight is freed. Released from the chores of flight, your self-awareness has energy available to let you sense feelings that were before obscured by your fixation to do. Thus, by not-Doing and exclusively Be-ing, you earn a treasure. You receive a boon – enlightenment about an aspect of the air which, like a love, you can call on as you need.
  3. Yeah, I wish Parkman was still open. We could both visit Dale and Bobby and have a few cold ones again.
  4. Congratulations Bill! Glad to hear it.
  5. Do it Bill, have a ball, enjoy the sky one last time. When you land, walk to the car and take a case of beer out for everyone on the DZ (too bad it can't be Carlings). I wish I could be there to share it with you.
  6. Hé… la prise ma bière et observent CECI
  7. You have the rest of your life to recover. Hit the tunnel!
  8. I flew 15 minutes there last week. Good people, clean air, no problems. Yeah, It's not 16 feet, it's not a recirculating tunnel, and it's not all shiny and new. That said, I'll fly there anytime.
  9. First canopy I ever jumped was an unmodified 32" T-10 in a full military rig. At 120 lbs, I stayed up damn near forever, but it gave me a LOT of time to learn how to "slip" the canopy. Must admit though, I've never had a softer landing. Had I known better, I could have stood up my first jump.
  10. I first met Chuteless in Parkman Ohio in 1969. Whenever we heard that "The Canadians" were coming in for a weekend, we'd double the beer order, check the bail fund, and call in "sick" for monday and tuesday. Those are some of the best days I can't remember.
  11. Agreed. Before they can get anything in in the Meadowlands they're going to have to replace most of the exposed electrics, and stop the parking garage from sinking into the swamp. Don't look for a tunnel there anytime soon.
  12. Oh Baby... Now THAT is an opening shock! Do that twice and then tell me a PC opens hard!
  13. You mean a pair of these? http://i397.photobucket.com/albums/pp55/mjosparky/Skydiving/FrenchBoots.jpg Ah yes... Those were the "Style" boots. The standard french boots had a thicker sole. (BTW, the Style boots cost more) Sparky
  14. The mind boggles! Somebody will try to swoop (Don't flame, it's just a joke!) and bounce of the walls.