Dornier 228 - Late 80's?

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"No one whom I know knows how it fared with Fred, but whatever happened was probably for the best!"

My DOH at Precision was 8/1/88, but the episode was still fresh in the minds of my senior colleagues. They said it appeared the FAA/NTSB at Fred's hearing were steering toward certificate action in the form of a suspension...until the following (approximated) exchange:

Questioner: "Why did you do it?"
Fred: "I saw the bridge...couldn't help myself."
Questioner: "Of course, you'd never do it again."
Fred: "Oh, yeah, in a heartbeat!"

They essentially shredded his ATP and stripped him of his credentials. At least, that's how the legend was told behind our Precision Airlines hangar's closed doors.

RIP Howard, we miss you lots!

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