Seasonal Dropzones

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The best seasonal dropzones are in Northern areas that get snow during the winter: Canada, Denmark, Finnland, Northern France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, most of the "Union" states within the United States of America, etc.

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What are you looking to do? TI? Video? Pack?

Where are you looking? US? Elsewhere? If in the US, any particular region?

Lots of folks work "up north" in the summer, then travel "down south" in the winter (US based).
Upper midwest includes bigger places like SDC & CSC, but there are "small to middlin'" DZs that run four or five days (weekends plus a couple days) that support full time seasonal staff.

Lots of those folks then go down to Texas, Arizona or Florida for the winter. Some go to Hawaii.

"Best DZ" is a pretty personal choice. Each DZ has it's own culture and vibe. "Best" for you is likely different from "best" for someone else.

And FWIW, most of the upper midwest DZs already have their summer staff set up. You may or may not be able to find a full time, full season job at this point.
Look through the classifieds to see who is hiring.
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