CarolinaFest 2010 - Skydive Carolina

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It's now Monday morning and the DZ is completely quiet after 6 great days. As I look around, I cannot help but smile and think of all the fun we had through the course of the week. To everyone that attended, thank you so much for coming and supporting us! It was an absolute pleasure and we look forward to CarolinaFest 2011! To our AMAZING LO's, Vendors, pilots, packers, staff and volunteers - thank you for your hard work and time. Without your awesome attitudes and willingness to please, this event would not have been the success that it was.

The event was blessed with good weather as we had 5 great days of jumping until Sunday's winds grounded everyone.

By The Numbers:

We had a new SC Headdown State Record established on Saturday (14-way) and an unofficial record of 19 set.

Pepe Rodriguez initiated 52 new brothers and bumpie brothers into the brotherhood.

3 different bands played through the week and all were awesome!

9 Kegs of Yuengling were consumed.

50 Dozen eggs were used by Dale's Dive In for breakfasts in the morning

12 Twin Otter loads were sponsored which equated to 264 free jumps given away

The Load Sponsors were:
Dilworth Billiards
Doggy Styles Mobile Grooming
The Olde English District (2 Loads)
Skydive Carolina
Freefall Photo
Paraclete XP (2 Loads)
Sunshine Recycling
Sunshine Auto and Salvage
Sunshine Steel
Rampart Aviation

18 Load Organizers were on hand for the week and they were:

Brian Buckland (Lead Video)
Amy Chmelecki
Melanie Curtis
Turbo XP: Ben Worrall, Andrew Happick, Joey Coffineau, Doug Barron
Joey Freeman
Jan Lane
Justin Shorb
Simon 'Bones' Palacio
Pepe Rodriguez
Kirk Verner
Chris Wagner
Derek VanBoeschoten
Team Scarecrow: Dave Colucci, Rob Antalocy, Tuck Pendelton

2,878 jumps were made for the week despite being completely weathered out on Sunday.

175 total loads were flown.

20 Balloon Jumps made

36 Helicopter jumps made (12 loads)

17 Vendors were on Vendor Row

The Vendors were:
Blue Skies Magazine
Cookie Composites
Mirage Systems
Performance Designs
Sky Systems
Sun Path
Tony Suit
UPT Vector

3,360 bottles (140 Cases) of VitaminWater was consumed for the week. Thank you VitaminWater for taking such amazing care of our jumpers! Please support this company - they were an integral part of this event's success by keeping everyone hydrated and offering complimentary drinks each and every day!

The best stat of all..........

0 Injuries

At the end of the day, it's always about the people.......A HUGE thank you to everyone who was involved and who came out! We look forward to doing it again in 2011!

May 31 - June 5

Don't Miss CarolinaFest 2012!
May 29 - June 3, 2012

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James ...

Truly great numbers that speak of an even GREATER week...!!!... Everyone there had an absolute BLAST. To those that missed it ... well ... they really missed a fantastic week to remember. Skydive Carolina has much to be proud of for the effort and success of CarolinaFest 2010...!!!...


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