Crosskeys Fiesta Boogie Aug 3-5!!

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Where: Skydive Crosskeys
When: August 3-5
Registration: $25

Celebrating the RW comeback at CK!!

Registration includes
Women's NJ State Record
2-way Meet
Sombrero Accuracy Competition
Organizers for all levels of Formation Skydiving
Event T-shirt

HUGE party Saturday night!! Prize-filled Pinata, Tequila Jello Shooter Contest, After-hours Creeper Meet, BrainBuster Dirt Diving Competition, plus the Margaritaville Mixer will be blending all night long!!

Come join the fun at Skydive Crosskeys, Amigos!!

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We had 12 teams in the 2-way meet and we had to have a jump-off to determine the champs:
Congrats to Karl Schuch and CathyAnn Cadogan!
They each won a free jump.

There were 7 4-way teams in the after-hours creeper meet, and believe it or not, there were NO INJURIES! Free Koozies to the winners.

On Friday there were ladies from 3 states participating in the NJ Women's record - Set at 13 on the first jump and broken with a 16-way on the second jump!! 2 for 2 :)
Oh - and John Alanis won the limbo contest last night B|. Shame on you if missed this contest.

There is still a lot of jumping to be done today - 6 organizers and more comfortable temperatures than yesterday.

Come on out!!!


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