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  1. Also don't rule out Skydive Cross Keys in Williamstown, NJ. We live in MD and it takes us 2 1/2 hours.
  2. Anyone interested in joining us for 4 way Advanced at nationals? Capable of doing at least 14 points.
  3. Hey there Mr. Bunky, I am posting this for a friend who has at least 500 jumps and tunnel camps with Rhythm. Come on down!
  4. Looking for AA team mates for NSL Florida Skydiving League Meet in Sebastian next Sat. Hope to have 3 people that want to have fun, use their skills to compete at Skyidve Sebastian.
  5. Come check out Cross Keys April 24-25 for season opener boogie (Hawawian theme) with skyvan and otter. Tom Falzone (ex golden knight organizing RW) They do not charge for organizing at Cross Keys.
  6. I jump at Cross Keys and organize most of the 4 way RW events. We have a 4 way club that hooks people up to jump every weekend with each other and provides a team network. Give me your email address and I will send you the details. Cherie
  7. I have emailed and have not received a response. Just want to make sure it is a go before we drive down from the north. Whoever is in charge (CASL director) please contact me. Thanks.
  8. YEAH! I am so excited you did it! Great job and look forward to seeing the pictures... Cherie
  9. Three days of RW ad Freefly organizing....Great fun and Saturday evening activities included in registration. 2nd Annual Fiesta Boogie designer t-shirt. Loads of surprises! Friday - hybrid, Sombrero Accuracy Contest, RW & Freefly Organizing Saturday - NJ Women's Record, 2 - way scrambles, creeper meet, margarita madness, Sombrero Accuracy Contest (jump for the cause fundraiser), limbo contest, catered taco dinner Sunday - 4 way scrambles, RW and Freefly organizing
  10. Our trained teamed lost a member (tail) because of a work injury. We train @ Cross Keys and planned on Nationals. Anyone out there to fill the slot on a 14-15 point team??
  11. I see you jump @ CK. Have you checked out the event page, participated in 4-way scrambles (coming May 16 or 17th 2008), jumped with Steve Love, mingled with the 3 4-way teams or the 8 way team? Jumped on RW Mondays? Missed the RW happy hour this winter? Particpated in last years RW camps? Fiesta Boogie in August...loads of RW organizing! Tunnel camps?? You may want to increase your exposure to some events or find out who the RW jumpers are at the DZ.
  12. The smaller guys can only wear so much weight...didn't see you mention anything about taking off your weigt? Might want to consider slimming down if you want to do great 360s and fly with others at the same time.
  13. The 4 way happy hour is Feb. 23 at Cross Keys. (Freezefest dates were changed).