empuria Xmas boogie

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Yes, it was good time...360 days...and we do it again!!!

Unfortunattly, forgot my cam at home, and my friends were lazy to make any pics during the day, and too "drunk" in the evening...

Any of you guys would have some pics of the boogie?

Thank you!

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check page 18, last picture :P

unfortunately I'm not on them pics...

And Regan, do you know if there is a video or not ? I heard there wasn't a video of the boogie, and if this is the case I would be very sad.
scissors beat paper, paper beat rock, rock beat wingsuit - KarlM

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Hey Regan !!
wassup ?!!


good to hear from you.
I'm now in Florida, until the 4th of april. then back to Europe.
I'll be in Empuria around the 15th, for training with my skysurf teammate.

Will you stil be there ?!!?

btw, I'm looking for an appartement, or a house, to rent, at least from april to october, maybe longer.
Any idea ?
Did Gaby already come back, or is she still in Thailand ?

And what about you ? When do you stop FS and go for FF ?!! lol
Did you improve you fresstyle on landing ? I rememebr your ghostriders, and switch. Impressive... so fast...

Take care.
See you...

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