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  1. Just back from Usa, but flights are way to expensive on easter...wish I booked it before.... Well I ll cry on myself thinking about all of you having fun in the sky, and after jumping... Fish, who's gonna wake you up now?
  2. ask at the dz..Tiphaine still has her appart over there...maybe she could rent it out to you..
  3. Hey Matt, How long did you stay with that on your head??? Looks like lots of fun
  4. Well, done! Pero gracias por tu ayuda! Was actually hard job, drill was slippering on the rivets...(tried with a fixed and manuel one...) Then had to use a file, the drill...
  5. Many people are going to Eloy in march... Everybody s gonna fight to get a coach..haha
  6. Some of you used it to make Dbox, chin cup,helmet?.. Epoxy? Some tips?
  7. Hola Juan! Ya, I took all the little protections, glue, away.. true..I sew those little rivets...
  8. He for those who didnt want to spend money on helmet, or Dbox, L, cut away systems and decided to make them themself.. I have seen some on DZ, and whou! Some are great and ingenious... For those, who are proud of they realisation, post a pic!
  9. ***Cool, Im going to Maui for 10 days in February. I will check some of thoughs things out. I am going to jump islands for a day and skydive though. I hope its not to windy. I am gonna go for 12 days in february too... But have no clue about what to see..still have to plan my trip, want to see more than the DZ's....
  10. So...only one reply... Does it means there is no funjumpers over there??
  11. Am gonna be in Hawaii from february the 11th till......23d..or longer if having good time... Who's gonna be around? I am coming from far away then for sure I wanna jump but maybe going to see some other island as well... So what are the best tips? What are the thinks I should see and not miss? Where is the party?
  12. Have a rawa helmet with d box.. Unfortunattly a new camera wouldn't fit in it.. I was thinking about trying to take it out the helmet.. but am wondering if I am not gonna dammage the helmet.. Is it well pasted? Did some of you tried?
  13. I have the impression the level of the jumps was very high last year on the load organized jumps.... Still, it is fun, good weather and other fun jumpers to jump with!!
  14. yes, weather isnt sure in march (rain, cold,...) in th north Europe countries... If you are visiting UK, you can get mega cheap(sometimes like 10 Euros or less, if booked time before) flights with between England and Spain.. Airport is 30 min drive from ther DZ... Trust me, havez been in many places, this one has one of the most beautifull view...check the pics!