RE/MAX Promotional Video is Done!

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RE/MAX is putting together a 5 minute promotional video that is featuring skydiving a 60 way formation.

The producer hired the Colorado Skydiving League to be the skydiving production coordinator - and we featured a bunch of Colorado talent, with out of town guests Eliana Rodriguez and Norman Kent.

Norman shot the video in high definition, working under the direction of John Behring. Norman's footage of the skydiving scenes range from awesome to super awesome in terms of video quality as Norman was jumping a new HDTV camera for the first time.

I think the past two days have been some of the most rewarding for me, and a lot of the skydivers involved said similar things. The core formation team (alphabetical order) of Glenn Frank, Anne Klein, Chuck Owen, Tom Reiman, Eliana Rodriguez, Travis Roth (me) DJan Stewart, and Steve Zeder had to build the parts of a 60 way formation for close up shots. The wide shots will include computer animated skydivers pieced into our formations taking docks onto us as the camera shots widen out... We had to do multiple jumps to simulate diving exits from above and below, small pieces building, grips, and the big reveal shot for the end of the video where a closeup pulls back to a huge wide shot where a bunch of computer animated guys will be added.

While we were not turning a bunch of points, we had to turn the formations the same direction (or the direction of best photography) for each jump. So our exits always included a planned spin on the hill before the first formation build. Some of our jumps were just the 8 of us tracking back and forth between the camera and mountains... Zip past the camera and turn. Other shots required us to build formations one grip at a time - where busting a point meant building the point before Norman was in his slot, all while not looking at the camera... I busted a point, although the footage was not contaminated, because I thought I saw Norman in my peripheral vision a few feet away, but since I was trying so hard not to look - he was actually filming me, but not in his slot yet still getting the grip before mine.:$ Even our trackoffs at the end had to go away from the center of the formation, with us at the edge of the formation, so we all had to track past the camera, not the typical go whichever way is open.

Al Saylor from Team RE/MAX came out and was a great asset. He brought his four RE/MAX canopies and Eliana, Chuck, Josh, Justin and Al had to land them over and over again - because it was not the swoop that counted, but the delivery of the lines right after they landed...

I think jumping out of the plane into a bunch of crash pads was fun - we joked that we should log those many jumps in our logbooks... I wish I had a camera in the Otter as we were jumping into the crash pads - as most of us were checking our handles and doing checks of threes out of habit on the way to the door...:P

Anyway - the reason I am posting...

1st - I want to thank RE/MAX for supporting skydiving and using our sport in their promotional materials, scheduled to be released this fall. If you are buying or selling a house - remember who is putting our sport in the spotlight.

2nd - I want to thank all the formation and canopy jumpers. The Producer commented how nice it was that all the jumps were near perfect and we did not have to change any roles/slots in the cast. We were not turning 50 points per jump - but holding a formation perfectly still in the sky with outfacing and sometimes weird shaped formations and remembering which animated skydivers will be taking grips on you, over and over again - and doing it so almost every jump had usable footage, made the Producer happy. All the skydiving extras on the ground, and Will and Rocky the packers were great too!

3rd - I want to thank Mile High Skydiving, and Justin (Manager), Clay (Pilot) and Frank (DZO) for being great hosts.

Anyway - I can't wait until the video is public - because some of the images we got are very, very nice.

Here are some of our photos attached...

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So, let me get this straight...the video will show a 60-way being built, but there are only 8 real jumpers involved ?? :S
Maybe those rumors about that big-way in Thailand being a hoax really ARE true ?? And I know that 85-way CRW formation just had to be computer generated.:P I'm not sure what to believe anymore.

Congrats on the completion of the project. I look forward to seeing the finished work.

Dude, you are so awesome...
Can I be on your ash jump ?

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