Swoop pond?

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Currently there are "swoop ponds" at 3 SA DZ's, none of which are full time.

Only one of these ponds meets any kind of international standard, the others being long, thin gutters in which to trail your foot.

This thread covers some of the 1sts at the pond at JSC (www.jsc.co.za)


It's the year of the Pig.

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I'm assuming by fulltime DZ's you mean ones that operate every day of the week? Unfortunately we don't have many of those over here.

Skydive Cape Town operates week days (no pond) but most dz's in SA are weekends only. Afaik, at the moment JSC - The Johannesburg Skydiving Club and PSC - Pretoria Skydiving Club are the only DZ's with swoop ponds. JSC's pond is around 120m long x 60m wide. And PSC's is 75m long by 10m wide.

See the "Definately beer worthy" thread in the Swooping forum for pics of JSC pilots in action.

BTW: JSC website - www.jsc.co.za
PSC - www'iloveskydiving.co.za
Skydive CT - www.skydivecapetown.za.net

hope that helps ;)

edited to add: man that Tonto guy is quick on the draw/post :D:P

Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky

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