Adrenaline vs. Freedom

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I wrote to a Facebook friend that I was REALLY missing jumping (due to WX). Her reply was: “What is it that you miss? The adrenaline - the sense of freedom?”

I figure that many of you have gotten similar questions, so I am sharing my answer below.

Here is what I wrote:

My first answer was going to be "BOTH", but it is much more complicated than that.

I miss the sense of:
-Camaraderie on the airplane;
-Anticipation when the pilot says “two minutes”;
-Focus as the pilot says “door”;
-Energy as the “exit” light turns green;
-Intensity like nothing else as I release the plane and accelerate to terminal speed;
-Connection as we build formations with no words said… watching for a smile and a twinkle in the eye to tell me what is going on in the mind of my clone;
-"Flow" when we get it right and the formations are smoothly forming and transitioning;
-Urgency as we break the formation and track away from each other;
-Curiosity as I deploy my main canopy… “Will it work?”;
-Release as I see a good canopy overhead;
-Peace as I fly my canopy over the terrain;
-Analytic satisfaction as I solve the three dimensional puzzle of approach and landing ;
-Triumph as I land my canopy standing up on the target!

My friend replied: ”Thanks for the insight.“

My wife replied: “You forgot the beer dear!” B|:DB|
The choices we make have consequences, for us & for others!

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I think I miss everything about it when I can't jump. But the one on your list that I have missed most when I've been unable to jump for any extended period of time is the camaraderie on the plane.

There's just something about that knowing look in a friends eyes and the secret skydivers handshake before we all step out into the wild blue yonder. Will it be another successful jump or will it be the last interaction I'll ever have with that person? Usually it is the former but it has been the latter before.

That last moment before we all do what we do knowing the risks and the rewards is one of the few truly honest human interactions I have in life.

That or it's the beer. Actually, it's probably the beer...;)
"We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him. We're surrounded. That simplifies things." CP

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I think your first gut response would have been correct. Everything you listed adds up the feeling of freedom brought on by a surge of adrenaline. Both of which are extremely addicting.

To understand anything you must have a point of reference to relate to. And your friend or any no jumper lacks the reference.

My idea of a fair fight is clubbing baby seals

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