Trip to Skydive Perris..need help!

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Hi everyone!

I'm gonna be heading to Perris next month and i was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction!

I'm gonna be staying for ten days and i'm hoping to average a good 6-7 jumps a day, wich means i'm gonna be spending a good chunk of money on skydiving alone.

So i would like to save some money on the other things like;

-motel/hotel/house rental
-transportation from LAX and to the DZ every morning and evening

So if any of you guys know the answers to these questions, please feel free to share them with me :)

Thanks a million

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Well, you could save money by staying on the DZ. Perris has three options - camping, the bunkhouse, and the IHOP, all of which are varying levels of cheap (camping is free, though you'd need to bring gear or buy something cheap), and the bunkhouse/IHOP are somewhere in the $10-15/night range. IHOP has a kitchen, so if you could get to a grocery store to get supplies you could save on food costs (but there is an on-site restaurant).

You could also call manifest to find out which locals are renting out spaces in their homes - those tend to run in the $25/night range, but then you'd have to add on the cost of getting to/from the DZ every day.

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I would absolutely recommend the IHOP. Think of it as a regular house (with kitchen, shower, bathroom, etc) only with a stack of beds in each bedroom. $15/night sounds about right, and it is located at the opposite side of the DZ parking lot, so you can just walk to the DZ (and stumble home afterwards). It can get quiet or busy depending on how many people are staying there. I've only been there with two or three other people, so your mileage may vary.

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