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It was manufactured by Precision Aerodynamics, under contract for Vertigo BASE Outfitters.  The canopy was designed by Chris Martin (designer of the Xaos canopy among others), shortly after he began BASE jumping, in consultation with Marta Empinotti and Jimmy Pouchert.

I have owned several, and still have two (a 303 and a 288).  The pressurization is fairly good.  The glide isn't fantastic (especially by more modern standards) as the canopy was designed for tight accuracy approaches.  The flare is on par with the Mojo or Troll, but not nearly as strong as other offerings of the time (like the Flik), and certainly falls short when compared to more modern canopies.  The low airspeed slider up openings are, frankly, terrifying.  I wouldn't use it slider up at any delay under about 8 seconds.

 Chris died in 2005, skydiving, when the tiny (21 square foot) canopy he was doing XRW with spun up.  I haven't thought about Chris (who I did some jumping with in rural Alabama and Tennessee back around that time period), in a good long while.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses him.  I have a photo somewhere of my (then toddler) daughter pretending to fly the 19 square foot Rock Dragon model that Chris brought out to the Perrine.

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ahh what ever happened to tire biter and Precision Aero? Were they retired? sued out of existence? Consumed by another company?

I still have a sweet Raven II that George agreed to install a Basic Research tailpocket on for me, but then would not sewn on the raven end cell logos

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