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Vote "RAY LALLO" USPA Mountain Region Director

USPA Mountain Region Skydivers and Friends.....

Tomorrow USPA will open the voting. You will receive a email link to the on-line voting system. I will also post on FB on how to vote on-line.

I would be honored if I could continue as your Regional Director. We have a lot more to accomplish. Members ask and should ask, "Why do you want to be on the USPA Board of Directors?" My profession allows me time and opportunity to travel and enjoy skydiving and training instructors. I do not earn my living by skydiving or teaching; I am not associated with nor do I work for a manufacturer and I do not own or operate a dropzone. While I believe doing so may not exclude someone from serving on the board, I feel a balance of power is essential, and voting power on the board should not come from an alignment of multiple members from the same dropzone. I am free to enjoy my passion without the financial tie, which puts me in a clear, unbiased position to truly represent members of my region. Please reach out to me at uspa.mountain.director@gmail.com and Facebook with any questions or concerns.

Stay tuned, More to follow.....

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Remember---you can only vote for one Regional Director, where you receive Parachutist Magazine in snail mail is your Region.

You can only vote for eight (8) National Directors---that’s all.
Voting for more then eight will nullify/cancel your ballot. Your name and email will be posted on Facebook and your account will be blocked for a year.

I Jumped with the guys who invented Skydiving.

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