'kingsman' skydiving question........

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Not that is matters but here is what happens when you deploy a spring loaded reserve on a Micron rig:

This would be an interesting thread topic: Post videos of your reserve deployment on the ground

While we're looking at videos I'd like to comment on how that the person pulls their cutaway handle. All handles, ripcord or soft, should be pulled the direction the cable housings run. This will result in the lowest pull forces. Any other direction bends the cable against the housing exit and increases pull forces needlessly.

Since the cable housings for our cutaway and reserve cables run straight down the front of our bodies, that's the direction we should pull them, not out to the side or forward or upwards. Those other directions just make it more difficult. ;)

I also wonder why the jumper waited until after pulling the cutaway handle before locating and grabbing the reserve handle. I hope the instructor watching him gave him some more coaching. :)

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