How old is your main canopy?

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Mind you, Stilettos were the first - or second - elliptical canopy to hit the American market and we had to un-learn a few bad habits .....

My first canopy was a Stiletto 150. Lots of people with bad habits said I'd die for sure. However, I learned to skydive with Roger Nelson and had never developed such habits.;)

The only sure way to survive a canopy collision is not to have one.

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Multiple Choice because I have 4 canopies (3 that I use) I've gone through many others.

Age and jumps on the canopy.

3 months - Primary canopy - 20 jumps
2 years - Secondary canopy - 300 jumps?
14 years - Was secondary - 750 jumps
20 years. - Back up canopy when slower is better. 3000 jumps

The 20 year old canopy is a Stiletto 97. It has 3000 (plus a few more) jumps on it and is surprisingly good condition. The HMA line kit has maybe 80 jumps on it? The line kit was built and installed by Pete Swan. It opens REALLY nice. It flares like a Stiletto and recovers like a Stiletto. I still jump it sometimes.

The 14 year old canopy is the only one I don't use so it sits in a closet waiting for a person to buy it

Reserves... PDR 113. DOM 2001, and 1999.
My grammar sometimes resembles that of magnetic refrigerator poetry... Ghetto

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