PT6-20 Cessna U206

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Fantastic project.
We are very exited about the EASA STC...

Did you consider the 5-blade MT propeller for the project?


Would provide some extra ground clearance and cooler starts.
(and a fair amount of badassness)



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Just an end-user perspective -

I had the privilege of jumping this bird at the Cal City reunion a few months back. It was LIGHTNING fast to altitude. I can't speak to the dollars and cents of it, but just in cutting down turn times, I'm pretty sure a small DZ could do well with one of these.

Thanks again for coming out and flying, Van. It was awesome to finally meet you - couldn't have been in a better place.
Signatures are the new black.

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I looked into the MT. For starters, the PT6 conversion limits the HP to 325. That means that you dont need more blades. More ground clearance is always nice but the longest blade you can get away with is best for the power you have. I operated the 93 inch Hartzell
off my DZs 1400 ft grass pasture with 1 inch clean gravel to fill the low spots. So far >500 hours no problems. Weight, That 5 blade puts you back to the same weight as the steel hub, AL 3 blade Hartzell. The 3 blade MT is much lighter. I have heard reports that the 3 blade MT vs. the Hartzell on the Soloy 206 was slower to altitude. Cost. I have bought complete low time 3 blade Hartzell props for $8500-10,500 vs the $50-60K for the 5 blade mt. Hartzell has just made a 3 blade, AL hub, Composite blade, for the 10 seat Rolls/Alison Airvan? I havent researched it fully yet.

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