JP1 degrades Nylon ?

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Looks like nylon and jet fuel get a C rating which is not fantastic for life saving gear at first thought.



However, JP1 is mostly gasoline with 30% kerosene and they give an A rating for nylon and gas as well as an A rating for nylon and kerosene which implies it might be okay. In the world of rock climbing, it's know that gasoline in general is not actually harmful to nylon. Usually things made from oil dont hurt other things made from oil, but there are some exceptions. The main things to look out for are acids and strong caustic agents.


There is a way to find out for sure quite easily. Buy a nylon climbing sling, expose it to the chemical in question and then send it back to the manufacturer for destructive testing. They will probably do it for free. Then you can know with firm certainty how much, if any, it degrades nylon and you can do the whole test for like $20.

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