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Viking boogie 2020 (Netherlands - July 30 / August)

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Location: Skydive Hoogeveen, the Netherlands

Dates: Thursday July 30 09:00 - Sunday August 2 - 20:00

Our annual Viking Boogie WILL take place after all. Unfortunately, because of the 1,5 m. rule, the hot tub is out of bounds, but we do have :

  • Top organizers,
  • International guests
  • Cessna 208B Supervan (18 jumpers)
  • Unlimited jumping from 15.000 ft
  • Good food
  • Landing just outside the hangar
  • Aerodyne Demo Gear
  • BBQ
  • Brandnew firepit for a huge campfire
  • De bar has also reopened
  • Organizers:
  • FS: Herman Landsman & Arnoud Collenteur
  • FF: Maarten “Bennie”Bernard (Protocol Freefly)

    Boogie fee – € 12,50 per day
    Jump ticket 12.500 ft – € 20
    Jump ticket 15.000 ft – € 24
    Breakfast – € 5, Lunch – € 5, Diner – € 12,50, BBQ – 17,50

    MANDATORY PRE-REGISTRATION – Register https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ozKdTc9ED0uqJHj6gOYU0Xg4Mm1mRu9JqmUTmWvVbS1UOEM3Q05RTzNVM0hDWDE2QkRFSFg1NTZCSC4u

    Covid-19 information: There are a number of rules you need to comply with when attending:
    * Only come to the boogie if you are healthy/ fit
    * Abide by alle the rules and regulations of the dutch authorities regarding Covid-19 (RIVM & KNVvL)
    * Keep a distance of 1,5 meters between each other at all times (dirt-diving excluded)
    * Everyone needs to carry a filled-out and signed health declaration [download]
    * Wearing a mask/buff is mandatory inside the airplane from the time you board to just before exit
    * Wearing a mask/buff is mandatory when riding in the busses returning from the student landing area
    * Bring your own mask/buff!
    * No more than 9 people in the packing area of the hangar at one time (there is more then enough room to pack elsewhere)


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