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  1. Location: Skydive Hoogeveen, the Netherlands Dates: Thursday July 30 09:00 - Sunday August 2 - 20:00 Our annual Viking Boogie WILL take place after all. Unfortunately, because of the 1,5 m. rule, the hot tub is out of bounds, but we do have : Top organizers, International guests Cessna 208B Supervan (18 jumpers) Unlimited jumping from 15.000 ft Good food Landing just outside the hangar Aerodyne Demo Gear BBQ Brandnew firepit for a huge campfire De bar has also reopened Organizers: FS: Herman Landsman & Arnoud Collenteur FF: Maarten “Bennie”Bernard (Protocol Freefly) Prices:Boogie fee – € 12,50 per dayJump ticket 12.500 ft – € 20Jump ticket 15.000 ft – € 24Breakfast – € 5, Lunch – € 5, Diner – € 12,50, BBQ – 17,50MANDATORY PRE-REGISTRATION – Register information: There are a number of rules you need to comply with when attending:* Only come to the boogie if you are healthy/ fit* Abide by alle the rules and regulations of the dutch authorities regarding Covid-19 (RIVM & KNVvL)* Keep a distance of 1,5 meters between each other at all times (dirt-diving excluded)* Everyone needs to carry a filled-out and signed health declaration [download]* Wearing a mask/buff is mandatory inside the airplane from the time you board to just before exit* Wearing a mask/buff is mandatory when riding in the busses returning from the student landing area* Bring your own mask/buff!* No more than 9 people in the packing area of the hangar at one time (there is more then enough room to pack elsewhere)
  2. Sunpath wants the rig back for testing. (will do that at the end of the season)
  3. Hi @johnmatrix, you are right. The issue here is the force needed to rotate the bag, not the force needed to lift the container. I've done a lot of C&P's in the past on different rigs (used to du CReW too :-) and never experienced this problem until now. A 5 second delay will likely be enough to generate the snatchforce needed to rotate the bag. Normally that won't be a problem but I'm would not like to end up in a situation where for some reason I have to exit at 2500 ft and am forced to do at least a 5 second delay. @councilman24 I do pack with the lines towards the bottom of the container (and therefore the bridle attachment towards the bottom of the reserve container :-) @gowlerk The PC is pretty new and perfectly fine according to the rigger. (and does not change the considerable force required to rotate the d-bag) The question remains: Is 25 to 32 lbs too much?
  4. @husslr187 Thanks, its a 114 sqft and its not to big, the rig closes nicely. My rigger checked the bridle, kill-line and pilot and everything is like it is supposed to be. He asked sunpath about this issue and is waiting for a reply. I was just wondering if anyone knew the specs for maximum required pull-force for lifting the d-bag from the container if there are such specs (or pulling the pin for that matter). Peter
  5. Hi, I'm jumping a Javelin Odyssey RSK-1 (2018) with a NZA Crossfire 3 114 sq.ft. in it and am having a problem doing Clear & Pulls. Packing the rig as recommended in the manual (with the d-bag rotated with the bridle attachment towards te bottom of the reserve container) I have 7 second delays doing a Clear and Pull (pulling about 2 seconds after exit). The pin is pulled immediatly but the d-bag does not lift from the container for about 7 seconds. I had my rigger check the rig, bridle and pilot chute and everything is the way it is supposed to be. I have measured the required force to rotate and lift the d-bag from the container and when pulling the bridge at a 45 degree angle (towards the top of the container) it takes 14.8 Kgs (32.6 Lbs) to pull the bag from the container. Pulling straight up at a 90 degree angle the required force is 11.4 Kgs (25.1 Lbs). I understand the dynamics of forward and downward speed doing a clear & pull and can see why it takes a while for the d-bag to leave the container but am very uncomfortable doing clear & pulls like this. I have resorted to packing with the d-bag upright and this solves the problem but the container doesn't close nicely this way. Does anyone know the specifications for the maximum pull-force needed to lift the d-bag from the container? Is the required pull-force outside the specifications or should I look at the pilot chute not creating enough drag as the source of the problem? Best regards, Peter