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  1. branch

    UPS left rig in truck for 3 days

    Unless it's an Atom
  2. Sunpath wants the rig back for testing. (will do that at the end of the season)
  3. Hi @johnmatrix, you are right. The issue here is the force needed to rotate the bag, not the force needed to lift the container. I've done a lot of C&P's in the past on different rigs (used to du CReW too :-) and never experienced this problem until now. A 5 second delay will likely be enough to generate the snatchforce needed to rotate the bag. Normally that won't be a problem but I'm would not like to end up in a situation where for some reason I have to exit at 2500 ft and am forced to do at least a 5 second delay. @councilman24 I do pack with the lines towards the bottom of the container (and therefore the bridle attachment towards the bottom of the reserve container :-) @gowlerk The PC is pretty new and perfectly fine according to the rigger. (and does not change the considerable force required to rotate the d-bag) The question remains: Is 25 to 32 lbs too much?
  4. @husslr187 Thanks, its a 114 sqft and its not to big, the rig closes nicely. My rigger checked the bridle, kill-line and pilot and everything is like it is supposed to be. He asked sunpath about this issue and is waiting for a reply. I was just wondering if anyone knew the specs for maximum required pull-force for lifting the d-bag from the container if there are such specs (or pulling the pin for that matter). Peter
  5. Hi, I'm jumping a Javelin Odyssey RSK-1 (2018) with a NZA Crossfire 3 114 sq.ft. in it and am having a problem doing Clear & Pulls. Packing the rig as recommended in the manual (with the d-bag rotated with the bridle attachment towards te bottom of the reserve container) I have 7 second delays doing a Clear and Pull (pulling about 2 seconds after exit). The pin is pulled immediatly but the d-bag does not lift from the container for about 7 seconds. I had my rigger check the rig, bridle and pilot chute and everything is the way it is supposed to be. I have measured the required force to rotate and lift the d-bag from the container and when pulling the bridge at a 45 degree angle (towards the top of the container) it takes 14.8 Kgs (32.6 Lbs) to pull the bag from the container. Pulling straight up at a 90 degree angle the required force is 11.4 Kgs (25.1 Lbs). I understand the dynamics of forward and downward speed doing a clear & pull and can see why it takes a while for the d-bag to leave the container but am very uncomfortable doing clear & pulls like this. I have resorted to packing with the d-bag upright and this solves the problem but the container doesn't close nicely this way. Does anyone know the specifications for the maximum pull-force needed to lift the d-bag from the container? Is the required pull-force outside the specifications or should I look at the pilot chute not creating enough drag as the source of the problem? Best regards, Peter