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Best full-face for instructors?

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I've mostly been a frap hat guy and let all my ratings lapse for the last few years. I'm going to get a couple of them back to help out a couple of friends, starting with tandem. It seems like full face helmets have become pretty standard during my absence, and with the proliferation of handcams, I see why. Sooo... Which one is best for ease of use and communication with your student?




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On 8/25/2019 at 7:49 PM, kaiser said:

Full face helmet on a tandem skydive is total bullshit.

As a professional tandem instructor, whose job is to provide a safe experience for my student, I wonder why you would think this?  I am able to easily communicate with my student in the airplane, I am protected in freefall, I have a logical place for my audible, and I am easily able to open my full face helmet to communicate during the canopy portion of the skydive.  I am also able to close my helmet in the unlikely event that the student is sick or has body fluids streaming from them during the canopy portion, so I can land them safely without distraction.  I have done tandems both ways, and after thousands of tandems, my belief is that the full face is the professional choice, though I understand others choose differently.  What are your specific issues with using them?  Other than “total bullshit”?  And your level of experience would be interesting as well, just to see how that might play into your thought process?  Not being argumentative, just truly curious.

Edited:  Just looked at some of your other posts.  Nevermind, sorry to feed the trolls.


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