Squirrel CORVID

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I thought I'd crosspost this if anyone was interested.  I will post more on the original thread once I fly it.


So I just got my Corvid and thought I'd post a few pictures of some features I'm really stoked on and initial thoughts.


-First this thing is feather light. Combined with a CXUL and IBEXul, this thing will be a weapon in those Eastern Sierra climb and fly's where every ounce matters.

-Speaking of climb and fly's, once you get to the top, you need somewhere to stash all your gear. Not a problem here! With spandex pockets from my armpit to my toes that have a gear loop stitched down the center and with a bungee keeper (available on request NOT STOCK!), we can throw the rack in one suit and the rope double coiled in the other. I've used this setup on my AURA3 with a 35m rope and a half rack and the way it keeps the weight distribution around your ribs/chest, I don't notice much difference in flight besides the slightly lower exit due to higher wing-loading. This is a much better location for gear than between the legs like older designs/other suits.

[.IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/2a9tcm0.jpg[/IMG] [.IMG]http://i65.tinypic.com/2ilfuk8.jpg[/IMG]

-In addition to the side storage, the CORVID has the classic nutsack, good for a set of nuts, a stashbag, collapsed platypus bladder, microspikes (carefully placed!) or other small items.


-Like the COLUGO3, the CORVID has the inner leg pockets which seem to be perfect for trekking poles or a pair of climbing shoes and some extra layers. If you fill them up with gear and still have your poles left, you can always do the old trick of placing your polls tied on a pullup chord (carefully not to damage anything!!) inside you legwing between two ribs along your leg as a last resort.


-The phone pocket has been improved from the last two generations to be IMO the perfect combination of both, same style zippers as the first (makes access and camera use easier) but an added velcro strip to close off the pocket part making it just as secure as the version2.


-Finally the new Evolv TRAX rubber is sweet. I've gone out with my AURA3 (with the 5.10 rubber) and my COLUGO3 (with the Evolv TRAX rubber) pushing off every different surface I can find in different conditions (everything but snow) and find better traction with the Evolv TRAX.


I should be able to put my first jumps on it next week but based on what I've seen of it in Moab while jumping my AURA3 next to it, seen on video, heard from pilots flying at, and understanding some of the technical info and changes on this vs the other suits, I think this will be the ticket into increasing margin and safely jumping more exits in the Eastern Sierra.

[.IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/bhj37n.jpg[/IMG] [.IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/ev4arp.jpg[/IMG]



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