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Tacsew T20U Price?

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I always out taking look at machines . You not giving much info on the machine for judging a fair asking price . Are you original owner or buy it used . How old is the model ? How many years you own it ?  what shape it in and what the setup actually looks like ? ...etc
Also pictures are sometimes even hard to judge the true shape a machine is really in, as opposed to actually seeing and sitting behind and laying down some stitches with it .

Pretty sure It is a import copy of a Singer zigzag model as the parent machine . So No Problems getting parts on that machine, so that a plus .
 'nothing wrong' with imports and all machines are  copy of one thing or another . BUT 'sometimes' there is different quality on some of the parts used by whoever is ordering that run from the manufacture . SO age of the model and what generation/revision of the model is good to know .

So Probably  ' off top of my head',  I would say 50% of purchase price is good place to start . but that a educated guess . also consider in selling a machine Is there is an over abundance of import's out there and buying new Heads or complete table setup's these days is pretty economic .

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