West Coast's DZ come here!

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Hello, I'm a newbie skydiver, about 30 jumps since August 2018.

I'm on a bike trip from north to south America, and now having my A license it became "a thing" for me to stop for a few days in DZ's, jump and go on. So far I stopped in VSA (Vermont), in Montreal and Victoria (Canada). That was a blast.

My friends in my "home dz" (SSX, New Jersey!) Told me about Elsinore, but it's a bit far now. I already need a currency jump since it was over 60 days, but I don't care too much.

If there's a friendly place around Washington or Oregon, which allows A license jumpers AND, most important, allows camping (I have a tent), I'd like to hear about it.

I usually camp two nights, to allow me a fun free day to jump and know the guys on dz. 

So.. I wrote too much. Be part of my trip to Argentina! 

Django on the bike


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