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On 1/25/2019 at 9:02 AM, gowlerk said:

I see your point about owning failure. We would do that in the debrief. But in the age of YouTube I will decline to release for publication anything that might damage my business. Video is never guaranteed, many things can go wrong leading to a refund. Including editorial choice. The primary product is the jump. The video is secondary. I can live with your anger if you feel that way.

I would also add that a cutaway alone would probably not cause me to not release the video.

Not here either. I don't think it is bad press if you are doing your EP's properly. I don't have a ton of tandem cutaways (*knock on wood*) but my students have often ended up posing with the cutaway and reserve handle for ground shots, and they certainly got their video.

As I said before I don't think withholding this specific video would have been dishonest if the DZO also took the corrective action with this TI and explained to the student what occurred. Step 1 is owning up to the fuck up.



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I am gonna dispute that it harms business. Tandem fatalities have resulted in INCREASED business for dropzones, it didn't deter customers, it in fact reminded people that skydiving is a thing. If a fatality didn't deter them, why would this? What it damages is your ego and reputation, which is part of owning your failures.

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