Modular Bag Made for Skydiving Gear

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So after my 8 years as a professional skydiver, It's finally time to hang up the altimeter.. my misspent youth breaking all my bones has finally come back to haunt me and despite my love of the sport, getting back into the sky anytime soon is not going to happen.

But with any end there is a new beginning, and hopefully the beginning is Akuzoo -

Our First project you can find here www.skydive.akuzoo.com

Check it out, Let us know if you have any ideas or requests, we'd love you to help us design the best gear on the market.

We are aiming to release a bunch of different configurations, including harness attachments, Helmet bags, Camera gear inserts etc.. but we need you to tell us what you want!

I'm excited about the future, I hope you guys like what we're up to.

Sam C


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s there something that makes it better than this?


If it comes in lighter than those beasts then I would say yes!

Ogio takes up about a third or your luggage weight allowance when travelling >:(
I like my canopy...

...it lets me down.

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