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I've been recently window shopping for a new CRW container. And Infinity is the only company that lists Lightnings in their container sizing info. While other manufacturer list cubic inch capacity and/or only standard size mains for canopy compatibility.

Using available PIA canopy volume info, cross compared with standard canopy sizes and a dash of the "just go one size bigger" adage that an old CRW dawg shared I've worked out a guide to make container shopping a bit easier for myself. And thought I'd share.

1- Take the size of Lightning and round up to the nearest standard 9 cell size.

2- Take that number and go up one more canopy size. If you up size a lot for pup training or jump in a dry climate going up another size can make packing even easier. See table below

Lightning: Rounded Up size: Container sized for:
113 120 135-150
126 135 150-170
143 150 170-190
160 170 190-210
176 190 210-230
193 210 230-250

Your mileage may vary and individual personal gear experiences may differ from the table.

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This feels about right. My L160 fits neatly in my Vector II v5 rig, that also fits a Silhouette 190 neatly without even adjusting the closing loop.

L176 fits neatly with a longer closing loop, and L143 is the smallest I can get in it, and in that case the closing loop is the shortest it can be before the grommet thickness prevents me from closing the rig.

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