Insurance Inputs required for AFF

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Hi Guys, I'm a newbie and starting my AFF soon! :)

My main concerns with going through the course is trying to understand Insurance! I've looked into a few companies but all seem to be providing insurance for residents of that particular country!

Is there a company that covers all nationalities! I'm from India and will be doing my AFF in Spain.

What all should a cover include and any recommendations on companies that cover Skydiving emergencies / medical requirements?

What did you experienced divers do while starting?

All help is appreciated!


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I'm from Belgium and did my AFF last year in France.
I took an insurance with Europ Assistance which covered skydiving.

We were with 3 students, 2 from Belgium and 1 from India :)
I'll text him and will ask him what insurance he took.

Edit: he used Worldnomads

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