I'm back...again

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Howdy all,

I haven't posted on here in almost 6 years. Took a long break from skydiving for a number of reasons.

Mostly lost my taste for living following some deaths in my family starting with both my parents about 5 years ago, and more recently my son Chris, who passed about 16 months ago from an overdose of fentanyl at the age of 24.

I got old in my mind, got fat in my body, and pretty much lost any interest life
while watching my sons struggle with the same demon (addiction) that nearly took me out 23 years ago.

My other son Jake continues to struggle with the same addiction and it all just got to be too much. All I could do was get through each day and not lose all hope.

Ironically, my sons death 16 months ago was kind of the impetus to rejoin the world of the living. About 6 months following his death it was anyone guess if I was going to get through it, but I decided at that time that it was not going to end me and I began a slow but steady trek back to the world of the living. I have gotten myself back in shape physically, found some new passions, and re-kindled some old ones.

Since it had been a number of years, and I'm not any younger than I was before, I traded up my Pilot 168 for a ZPX Pilot 188, got my CYPRES services, reserve repacked, renewed my license and membership, and got my sorry ass back into the sky for the first time two weeks ago and DAMN it was good to be back.

Funny though, I'm kind of regretting the upsize. While I was considerably heavier when I decided I wanted to get back int he air, I'm actually lighter now than i was when i was still jumping the 168 and kind of wishing I hadnt been so cautious.
Well, i suppose my knees will thank me some day ;)

Anyway, I see some new names, and a lot of familiar ones too.

Going to the boogie tomorrow and Sunday at Cross Keys and hope to make a ton of jumps.

Good to be back among the living and back in the sky :)

In retrospect, perhaps I should have posted this in the bonfire...

My mighty steed

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