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Is there any secret way communicate with NZ Aero?
I've try'd e-mails, FB messenger, online form at their web-site and chat. Nothing works...

I've made a payment for my ("must be ready now") canopy in the end of Jan. Its middle of March now, no canopy, no explanation, no info, nothing.

I've receiving "Shipping will connect with you" - and nothing happening. Or no reply at all.

May be there is other way to communicate? Phone is difficult because 13 hours time difference, is there any other way?

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I find them to be highly responsive to emails, except when the person you are emailing is at an event and then without fail they have an auto-response set up.

What email address are you using or are you going through the link a the bottom of the page?
I like my canopy...

...it lets me down.

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