Skylark odyssey compared to same sized sabre2

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Yes, but not in the same size.

Odyssey I've flown 120, 105 and 100
Sabre2 only in 135.

And I didn't fly them close to each other time wise.

But from what I recall of the Sabre2, which i didn't jump that much, it was less snappy in turns, and generally more docile and less high performance feeling. that could all be down to the size difference, lack of paying that much attention at the time, my comparative lower experience when I was on the Sabre2, and only jumping it for a handful of jumps.

Odyssey, however, is my favourite canopy so far. It being more comparable to a crossfire2, but a little better.
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I would agree totally with Degeneration - I've jumped Odyssey 120, Crossfire2 119 and they are very similar - snappy turns, steep dives, quite a lot of oversteer, fair amount of care and feeding required on opening. Generally a hoot to fly at that loading (1.9ish) but can absolutely bite.

A Sabre2 120 is a totally different beast... easier to fly straight and deal with on opening, slower to roll into and out of turns (though my swoopy friends claim they swoop really well, I couldn't really comment). Disclaimer: PD do not recommend loading them as high as I did, and indeed most of my jumps are on 135s at 1.7+.

Very much a matter of taste?

[edit: you asked about flatness of glide, I'd say the Odyssey flies flatter in a straight line. But once you start turning and diving, all bets are probably off.]
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