Any new devices on gps trackers for canopies?

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My DZO installed a tower for IOTA trackers (http://www.iotatracker.com/). The little trackers are easily attached to your risers or dbag. A few weeks ago somebody had a cutaway and the tracker worked perfectly.

I think the tower might have been expensive for our DZO and the little gps trackers need to be charged frequently. I charge mine weekly, but that's such a minor inconvenience in comparison to losing a $2000 canopy.

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***I have a Yepzon on my canopy and know several of people with same device... Last time my friend had a cutaway it took less than 5 minutes to find the canopy...

Are any of these things small enough for the reserve pilot chute and free bag?

I doubt, it's about the size of a matchstick box and the need to be charged every month or two (in active use) makes it not suitable for reserve.... But for mains it works perfectly...

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