Richard A. Schindler aka "Shindig"

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June 21, 2010 marks the second year anniversary of Richard A. Schindler aka "Shindig" passing at Lake Elsinore. He was an inspiration to all that knew him he served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps. His military accomplishments are too many to list he quickly rose through the ranks assigned to Force Recon Battalion, Drill Instructor, HALO instructor to name a few. Graduated top of his class in the Riverside County Sheriffs department, the man did not know the meaning of second place! I'm sure he is up in heaven making sure all the coverage on the pearly gates is squared away. His biggest accomplishment was his family my deepest sympathies go out to his wife & two sons. Your father & husband was an inspiration to all and his memories will go on forever and all the lives he has touched.

Semper Fidelis the Marines have lost one of their few good men, gone but not forgotten! BSBD.


Live every day as it was your last, one day you'll be right!

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