"R Square" Gone 5 yrs now. . . .

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Many of you knew the inimatable R2 from Boise, ID. He tore up the skies, (and everything else) at Eloy and other places throughout his skydiving "career". He was a closet genious, spoke 3 languages, was a world class Welder and Mechanic and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. When his older Brother was dying from cancer in 2003, Square took him in, fed him, bathed him, and monitored his meds for 7 months til he passed. The guy was a Saint. Yeah, he had his demons, and maybe he wasn't meant to live a long life, but I guarantee the amount of living he did in 39 yrs was equal to living 100! Gone but not forgotten my Brother. . . . . [:/]

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I´m proud to say that I knew R2.
Not as well as most people, but I had the good fortune to do my first balloon jump with him & laugh with him.

Tales of Shangrala & King Shmoor - and a million other great stories - all of which you knew were true.

I used to see Jack at the xmas boogie in Eloy, and often spoke about him.

"Inproper greeting of the day - drop and give me twenty" - Robert Robertson 2004

-- Hope you don't die. --

I'm fucking winning

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