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  1. I'd buy a one way ticket away from being involved with owning a DZ! Otherwise, you turn 2 million in to nothing in just a few yrs!
  2. Rob Roberts, aka "Square" left us on May 24, 2005. He was a US Army Veteran, Master Welder, Skydiver, and hardcore enjoyer of life. He was a great friend to many and is still sorely missed. Blues Skies Old Friend.
  3. Many of you knew the inimatable R2 from Boise, ID. He tore up the skies, (and everything else) at Eloy and other places throughout his skydiving "career". He was a closet genious, spoke 3 languages, was a world class Welder and Mechanic and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. When his older Brother was dying from cancer in 2003, Square took him in, fed him, bathed him, and monitored his meds for 7 months til he passed. The guy was a Saint. Yeah, he had his demons, and maybe he wasn't meant to live a long life, but I guarantee the amount of living he did in 39 yrs was equal to living 100! Gone but not forgotten my Brother. . . . .
  4. I see the Nardi's are once again trying to find a pilot for one of their operations. No wonder. They misrepresent the money, flight hours and just about everything else dealing with the "job". Hey potential jump pilots; If you have the hours they are looking for, go get a "real" job with a regional airline.
  5. Fred & Lenny: You guys are the greatest and literally saved me when I was down. My prayers go out to you and the whole LP family. If you need help with tandems during the Boogie I'd come out of "retirement" and give you a weekend's worth of hard work for no charge. My heart is so heavy over your loss. . . . Larry Shumard D16806
  6. I got the same email and reply from whoever this zero is. Karma is a bitch and it will get him. Warn your friends who have stuff for sale! Larry D-16806
  7. Good luck if you make the mistake of signing on with this DZ.
  8. Unfortunately I drove over 2000 miles with a U-Haul to T-Ville for the job. Since there was no insurance on the plane the amount of hours I had in the King Air was not applicable. Sadly, there will always be pilots out there dumb enough to fall into the "Once in a lifetime" chance and fall for the lines they get from DZO's. I dropped $1500 on that mistake and was told by the DZO when I requested to be reimbursed half of that that he "lost" money on me being in the plane getting checked out due to not being able to haul one extra body. Unscrupulous. D-16806
  9. I have 925 flying Twin Otters for Skydive AZ. I put in 40 loads at T-ville and got jerked around by the owner and the pilot I was "supposed" to replace. There was some political BS involved but my ratings and exp. were not an issue. The pilot who gave notice is still there 5 months later. Go figure.
  10. If you are a pilot considering a position in Titusville, FL you would be wise to demand a contract. I went there in Oct to replace their pilot who had given 2 weeks notice approximately Sept 1. He is still there and I was the victim of a classic bait and switch. Not sure why they did that but anyone considering a job with them should beware. They don't fly nearly as much as they say they do either. D16806
  11. USPA was contacted about a Memorial Page for my friend and fellow jumper R Square who passed on 5-24-05. He had recently sent USPA $900 for a "lifetime" membership which sadly only lasted 2 months. Do you suppose USPA could give us a break on a Memorial Page seeing as they made out pretty good on that lifetime membership? Hell no. We were quoted full price ($1280) for a full page send off for our friend. USPA is no better than any governmental agency fraught with beauracracy and drones. Forget about the human aspect USPA, just keep that money rolling. We'll pay the full price and pay tribute to a fallen brother. If anyone would like to make a donation please email me. [email protected] Thanks to all who sent condolences. Larry D16806
  12. Go to my website; www.snakeriverskydiving.com for a couple photos of Square. That dude ROCKED for sure! "Larry Berry" D-16806
  13. Yeah, one in the same. He survived a lot of things in his life. He was only 38. He packed 2-3 lifetimes worth of fun and adventure into those years.
  14. Kevin: Thanks for the sentiments. We did his military funeral today. Gut wrenching. No one I ever met had an unkind word to say about Square. Blues. Larry Shumard
  15. Some of you might know Robert Roberts, aka, "R Squared", from Boise. He left us last Tuesday morning. He suffered an unknown medical situation that caused his death overnight. He was a staple at the Christmas Boogies in Eloy for several years and could always be found at whatever fire pit there was telling outrageous stories in a such a manner as to cause gut splitting laughter among the listeners. He was a close personal friend of mine and learned to jump at the DZ I own. He would walk 100 miles to help a friend in need and he will be sorely missed by those who knew and loved him. This guy ROCKED! I have put together a memorial video for his family and friends. If anyone wants one just email me and I'll send you a copy. Blue skies brother. . . Larry Shumard Star, ID 208-377-8111