Quantum Leap, 29 July 2006 - One year later...

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As the 29 approaches, I have been thinking of the friends we lost that horrible day last year. I still get kicked in the side frequently when I do. I started skydiving at Quantum Leap in July 2005. Steve, Robert, Dave, Rob, and Scott all taught me so many things about the sport. Scott even flew video to help me out because I had to repeat level 5 five times on AFF. I finally nailed it after that.

Steve graduated me from AFF with one of his well known speeches. Someday I will pass on his advice to my students.

Robert helped me begin to understand canopy piloting, and I am still learning from him.

Dave was just one hell of a guy. That Fourth of July I was packing, and someone lit some firecrackers off next to the hanger. Caught me off guard and for a moment I was back in Iraq getting shot at. After trying to dive under a Joe Box, Dave came over to talk to me. Since I had been back and had a "reaction" like that - that was the FIRST time I did not feel like a freak.

Rob flew awesome camera. Someday, I want to fly camera, and I hope that I can be half as good as he was. He was cool headed and had such a positive effect on the tandem passengers he videoed.

Quantum Leap is no longer in Sullivan, having moved to Bowling Green. Quantum Leap was home to me for two years. I still miss it very much. I miss my friends very much.

"Twin Otter 203 Echo, jumpers aboard."

Blue Skies, Fly Free, Fast Swoops, and Soft Landings.
Twin Otter N203-Echo,29 July 2006
Cessna P206 N2537X, 19 April 2008
Blue Skies Forever

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